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Tim Lovelace "Living in a Coffee World" DVD

New DVD  “Living In A Coffee World

Recorded live at Lee University, “Living In A Coffee World” gives you a front row seat to Tim Lovelace’s comedy, musicianship, award-winning songwriting talent and his motivational speaking skills. Find out what happens when Tim drinks a “freight train espresso.”

The humorous “Black Belt to Black Eye/Anti Bullying Talk” has a serious underlying message from Tim who, as a youngster, was the victim of bullying. The audience might be laughing, but the message hits home.

DVD Track Listing

1. “Monologue”

2. “Living in a Coffee World”

3. “Gymnastics”

4. “Goodbye Blues”

5. “Black Belt to Black Eye/Anti-Bullying Talk”

6. “Tim’s Journey of Piano Styles”

7. “Composer of My Life”

8. “Choose Happy”


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