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In 1997 a musical family group began a journey following their calling to sing. The Beene Family's story is unique. Little did the family know how God would direct their footsteps or where He would lead them. All they really knew, was that there was a song and a dream in their heart. It is melody that started early on as loving, Godly parents introduced their children to traditional Gospel music. Three brothers, Shandon, Brandon and Landon Beene, grew up in a pastor’s home in California. All three boys were heavily influenced and inspired by the church work and ministry that happened around them. While listening to their father’s collection of music and seeing the groups who traveled out to the West Coast, they each began to realize that they wanted their future to be a musical one. As they matured they recognized that not only had God called them and given them the desire to sing Gospel music, but he had also given them the talents and capabilities to fulfill that calling. All the while, God also prepared a young lady, Chrysta Branson, with an equally strong heritage, talent, and calling. It would be her marriage to middle brother Brandon Beene, that would complete the family harmony. And so they set out, leaving behind them their family, their friends, and everything they knew to follow that calling. Their journey led them from the West Coast to the East Coast and in a short amount of time, to the forefront of the Gospel music world.
 The Beene Family has quickly become recognized as one of the most exciting families on the road today. They have often been compared to many of the most popular groups in Gospel music history including the Happy Goodman's, the Bill Gaither Trio, the Speer's, and others. While such comparisons are humbling, it's also an exciting standard that sets the stage for the future. Gospel music lovers can rest assured that they are in good hands. The Beene Family's uniqueness and strength is visible from the time that they walk onto the stage. Their energy and professionalism are evident from the moment the first note is sung. Yet, their tenderness and discernment for ministry comes from a walk with the Lord that's as strongly recognizable as their talent. From sounds of traditional Gospel to Inspirational, the music of The Beene Family is the music of the Church.   
 Brand new doors continue to open for the Beene Family everyday. They have numerous radio singles, hits, and accolades to their credit. Their performance schedule has included major concert stages such as Bill Gaither's Homecoming Concerts, National Quartet Convention, Great Western Fan Fest, as well as regular appearances with concert promoters Bill Bailey, Garden Spot Promotions, and others. The Beene Family also makes regular appearances in Bible Conference settings with standing invitations to such respected camps at Mount Hermon and Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center.   
 Although the Beene Family sings at various venues, it's the local church that has been the heartbeat of their music ministry since the beginning. While their main focus is to see every lost person they come in contact with find salvation, the Beene Family places a great deal of emphasis on uplifting family entertainment, personal encouragement and heart stirring spiritual inspiration. Pastor's across the country agree that their ministry is perfectly suited for the needs of their congregations.   
 No matter what the situation or venue, the music and ministry of the Beene Family has a reputation for winning hearts and touching lives. Many miles traveled, and many more to go, the Beene Family is set to continue the journey set before them, singing all along the way.  Many miles traveled, and many more to go, the Beene Family is set to continue the journey set before them, singing all along the way.

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